Why integrate reservy with my manicure & pedicure center?

Manicure and pedicure services are the order of the day and in recent years there has been a growing demand from users that has resulted in high competition, especially highly concentrated urban centers. Give added value to your service by offering a quick and intuitive reservation, which reflects the quality of your service.
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Reservation software for manicure and pedicure services

Do not stop your business activity, avoiding distractions that hinder your work and personalized customer service. Your clients can request your services through your website, social networks or if you prefer through a mobile app of your services.

Forget about interrupting a service to answer the phone!

Try 2 months for free, no payment info needed.

Want to see how reservy would look on your manicure and pedicure center?

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reservy is available to any browser on any device and for smartphones and tables with Android and iOS operating system.

Also, it can be fully integrated in the framework of an existing website or as an external page

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Much more for your center with reservy

Using the seamless integration of reservy with your beauty center you can benefit of all the advantages it offers, not just for your clients and the easiness to book your services, but also to improve your business management.
Save time and focus on your cusomers

Allow your clients to view and select an available slot and services. We help you decrease the administrative tasks and phone calls.

Advance administration and billing

Manage the status of collections, tickets and invoices, you will also be able to see which service has the best reception among your customers. Boost your business and grow your sales.

All the information at your fingertips

No installation needed. Thanks to its connection to the cloud, you can access it from any device with a browser and internet access.

Peace of mind and professionalism

Your customers will find more attractive to book reservations at any time of the day. No phone calls of complicated forms, with instant confirmation.

Manage your staff and working schedule

Add staff and assign schedules and holidays. All your service offer will be available at all times.

Transform your beauty center into an app

We can create an app so you can offer reservations from any smartphone or tablet, making you oustand among the competition.

Send appointment reminders automatically

Send reminder notifications to your customer avoiding last minute cancellations or missing appointments. Also, notify any change made to a reservation.

Know and retain your clients

Los clientes pueden registrarse para crear una cuenta y ser utilizada en futuras citas sin necesidad de introducir sus datos. Conoce las tendencias y preferencias de tus clientes.

Try 2 months free with no obligation!

No solicitamos información de pago de ningún tipo y no se renueva automáticamente.

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