Upgrade to online booking

Your customers will be able to make online bookings from anywhere and on any device.

Receive online bookings or create new bookings manually.

Your calendar is updated automatically and in real time.

System 100% integrated to your website, as an external link or your own app.

Add and edit your products, services, promotions, opening hours and much more.

App 100% owned by your business with a design integrated with your brand.

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reservy is available on any computer (Windows, Mac), smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS) with an internet connection.

It can be fully integrated into the framework of an existing website or operate as an external page.

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Why use reservy for my barber shop customers?

During a regular working day various customers might call or pass by your business. Imagine not having to stop your current service every time someone comes in or your phone rings. Instead, they can do it at any moment from the comfort of their own home.

With reservy, you will save time and become more efficient. From your own website your clients will be able to book directly with just a few simple steps, once completed the reservation will synchronise directly with your agenda. Your barber shop will be ready to receive new customers witouth any delay.

Say goodbye to the phone, the rudimentary database and queues of customers waiting to be served!

Barber shaving a customer
Open sign on a business

Online reservations for your barber shop available 24/7

Thanks to the reservy software you can do so much more.

The weekly and monthly views of confirmed appointments allow you to update your schedule easily. Add all your products and create a list of services available for your customers. If you already have a website, reservy can be integrated seamlessly or as an external page. No website? We can help you make one, or integrate reservy on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and many more.

Minimise last-minute cancellations and missed appointments: reservy sends appointment reminders to your clients 24h before and on the date of the appointment.

Much more for your beauty salon with reservy

With simple integration and easy access, reservy offers your salon and your clients multiple advantages, from fast booking processes to improved business management.
Save time and dedicate it to your clients.

Allow your customers to view and select available times and services. We help you reduce administrative work and phone calls.

Automate your schedule

reservy intelligently updates in real time new bookings, as well as any modifications or cancellations.

Manages the administration

Manage the status of collections, receipts and invoices. Visualise the services that are best received by your customers. Boost your business and increase your sales.

Access from anywhere

No installation required. Thanks to its connection to the cloud, you can access it from any device with a browser and internet access.

Offer a practical and functional service

Your customers can make reservations 24 hours a day from anywhere. No calls, no forms and immediate confirmation.

Manage your staff and their schedules

Add your staff and manage their working hours and holidays. Clients will only see the services and schedules available.

Transform your business into an app

Differentiate yourself from the competition with a booking app created for you and offering bookings for your beauty salon on iOS and Android.

Automatically remembers appointments

It sends automatic reminders to the customer about their appointment, as well as any changes, avoiding last-minute cancellations and missed visits.

Try it 14 days free with no obligation!

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