Solutions for Beauty Clinics

With reservy you will not waste time on the phone arranging visits and managing your agenda.
Manage your appointments in one place

Take control of your agenda and visualise free and booked spots, modified or cancelled appointments, staff holidays, and much more.

Add products and services

You can add your own products and the different services you offer without any help.

Automate your reservation system

Bookings made by your customers automatically synchronise and add to your agenda, with confirmation via email to the customer.

Accelerate the booking process

If your customer registers, future bookings will have all account information available, saving time and offering a fast service that creates customer loyalty.

Offer vouchers and promotional discounts

Give added value to your customers with vouchers and discounts to exchange for services and/or products.

Remind your customers of their appointment

Avoid las minute cancellations or skipped appointments thanks to the automatic reminders. Your customer will always have their reservation in mind.

Manage your staff and their working schedule

Coordinate your staff schedule, add holidays to the calendar and avoid reservations during those days.

Reach everyone with reservy

Effective communication with your customers is essential. reservy allows you to add multiple languages to the platform.

Why is reservy a good choice for my beauty clinic?

Nowadays, beauty services are in great demand and offering customers a quick, seamless online reservation experience will make you stand out and will reflect the high quality of your services, adding value to your business.

Focus on delivering an excellent customer service with no distractions or interruptions. Your customers can book your services on your website, social media or, if you prefer it, via a dedicated app. Forget about interrupting your service to answer the phone! Your customer is at the center of everything.

Manage your beauty clinic with reservy

With reservy, you can manage and optimise your business agenda and customers can make their bookings 24/7. Choose to block certain time periods, mark the holidays of your staff, set aside personal time, etc. Having full control of the agenda will save you time cancelling or rescheduling appointments and will give the customer a professional view of your business.

You can still choose to enter reservations manually, these will integrate seamlessly with the ones received online, allowing you to have them all in the same place. Through the admin dashboard and multiple reports and statistics, you can detect the most demanded services and maximize your profit, or find areas of opportunity to work on.

Much more for your Beauty Clinic with reservy

With the seamless integration of reservy into your beauty clinic you and your customers can benefit from a host of advantages, from the fast booking service to improved business management.
Save time and focus on your customers

Allow your customers to view and select an available slot and services. We help you decrease the administrative tasks and phone calls.

Advanced administration and billing

Manage the status of receipts and invoices. See which service has the best reception among your customers. Boost your business and grow your sales.

All the information at your fingertips

No installation needed. Thanks to its connection to the cloud, you can access it from any device with a browser and an internet connection.

Peace of mind and professionalism

Your customers will appreciate being able to book reservations at any time of the day. No phone calls or complicated forms, with instant confirmation.

Manage your staff and working schedule

Add staff and track schedules and holidays. Customers will only see available slots.

Transform your beauty center into an app

We can create a dedicated app so you can offer reservations from any smartphone or tablet, making you stand out amongst the competition.

Send appointment reminders

Send reminder notifications automatically to your customers avoiding last minute cancellations or missed appointments.

Know and retain your clients

Know and retain your customers

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reservy is available on any computer (Windows, Mac), smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS) with an internet connection.

It can be fully integrated into the framework of an existing website or operate as an external page.

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